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Composer, performer and teacher based out of Denver, Colorado specializing in music for Film, TV & Sync



I have been writing music for over 20 years in various ensembles. My band of 10 years, The Raven and the Writing Desk only recently called it quits after years of touring and co-writing. I’ve been transitioning into the world of film and sync music, scoring two films in 2019 and building my library of sync music.  

* I grew up outside of Philadelphia playing piano as a little girl. I studied Suzuki for years before my teacher fired me for not practicing. Of course later on I would become a piano teacher myself.


I played with 3 wonderful guys in our group The Raven and the Writing Desk for years, touring the US and getting into trouble.

* I’m a supporter of DIY music and host house shows at my home called the VELCRO CAT.

* I love writing music to picture and I'm currently focused on writing music for sync. 

In 2019 I scored two films working with students of the MET School of Film based in London. One was feature length and the other a 25 minute short. While I'm seeking out my next custom project, I am creating my own library of sync music to shop to sync companies. My latest album fuses vintage beats, synths and ambient vocals in a dystopian city setting.


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Phone: 303-478-0740

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